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Our Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission and Vision

Church On The Lake exists for two primary goals.

1. To get people into relationship with God

2. To get MORE people into relationship with God!

What is a relationship with God?

Its a Covenant connection- Jesus died on the cross to create a covenant that provides everything we need to overcome in this life and to be prepared for the next life. We experience this by teaching and claiming his many promises for every situation.

It's an Intimate connection- God wants to draw us near to himself and provide us with his truth and love and leadership. We experience this through worship, prayer, bible study and fellowship with his people.

It's a Servanthood connection- God has put gifts inside of everyone of us and they are there to show the world He loves them and wants to bring them into relationship with Himself. We experience this by empowering Gods people to do the ministry with the gifts He puts in them.

Our Beliefs

•One God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

•God created all things by His Word.

•Humans were created male and female in the image of God.

•The human race is fallen into darkness and sin and needs to be restored to our creator.

•Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and walked the earth as God the Word in the flesh.

•God made a way for man to be saved and forgiven through the cross of Jesus Christ.
•Jesus was the only perfect, sinless human to walk the earth and thus he was worthy to be bear the sin of all humanity and restore us to relationship with God.

•After dying at on the cross at the hands of men, Jesus was laid in a grave and in three days he rose from the dead.

•Jesus ascended into heaven and left his Apostles in charge as the foundation stones of His church.

•Jesus is the only way to God and all people everywhere are called to repent of sin and believe on Jesus for salvation.

•The Holy Bible contains the inspired revelation of God to man.

•We believe many other things, but these are the essentials by which we are doctrinally discerned as a true church of Jesus Christ

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