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D.I.V.E. is more than just another after school program for your kids, it is a chance
for them to make connections with other kids. Not only will they make connections
but they will have a safe space to meet after school.
In DIVE, we will give both homework and tutoring help to students who need it. We
will make sure that they finish school work before heading off to play. We will engage
kids in fun games that teach teamwork. This allows kids to understand the value of
patience and participation in group activities. They will be fed a snack and get the
chance to socialize with other kids their age. Your kids will be given a chance to
learn about lessons such as generosity, compassion, conflict, attentiveness, and so
much more. These attributes help them grow personally and build character for the
future. We don’t just focus on the here and now but the future of your kids and those
they impact from day to day.
Each one of your kids will come away with learning an important value each week in
a place that will love them and wants to help them grow into amazing teens and
adults. We want your child to have a loving, safe space to learn and grow. Here at
Church on the Lake, we care about you and your kids. We believe your kids will love
DIVE and have tons of fun all for free. We would love for your kids to join our after

school program, hope to see them there!

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